The Joy of Scuba

CNCC scuba

What do you see in this picture? Joy or Happiness or a major feeling of Accomplishment?  I see all of that and more in those smiling faces of our newest PADI Open Water Scuba Divers and Advanced Open Water divers.

The joy in their faces and the accomplishment that they have earned is what keeps us as a dive shop and dive professionals getting up and filling tanks every day.

For some of the students the skills are easy and they take to the sport of scuba diving like they took to riding a bike, once they get the rhythm of breathing underwater the rest is easy for them.  For some it is just a little practice and off they go.  For others, well

One of the divers this past weekend had the hardest time trying to equalize her ears.  She tried and tried and just getting past 7 feet was hard and it took her a long time to get to 20 feet. She wasn’t suffering from a cold or anything, it just wasn’t working for her.  But with time and a few tips and tricks, such as equalizing every foot she was soon with us at 20 feet, then 40 feet and finally swimming along at 50 feet, swimming through the diamond at the crater at 45 feet sitting on the wagon wheel at 35 feet.

One of the things that I like to do is to shake the students hand after they have accomplished all the skills and other than the paper work they are certified divers, after this young lady finished her last skill; the mask on and off and cleared and I reached out to shake her hand the joy in her eyes told the story

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