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We have all been standing in line at the check in counter watching the person in front of us fumble with their travel documents. Or we are worried that maybe our passports and other important documents might “disappear” out of our rooms at our destination.Ramons Village

While, this post can’t take away our stress and worries, we can take some safe guards to make sure that even in a worst case scenario, we can get home safely and without much if any delay. Even when there is a safe in the room or in the main office of the resort these travel tips can help reduce our stress and worry.

First, make a copy of everything and leave it with a trusted friend back home.  If something does happens this person will have a copy of everything and can forward it to you via email or other means.  While there might be some delay, due to time difference and that person being available when you need them, this ensures that someone has what you will need.

Or, what I like to do is scan a copy of all your important documents and save them on your smart phone.  Yes, there are apps to help you do this. Many are even having their boarding passes sent to their devices to help reduce the amount of paper that is being used and with the airline apps you can get them securely and you don’t worry about miss placing them in your carry on. This way, you have control of your documents and can retrieve them when you need them.

By having a copy of your passport with you, if yours is lost or stolen on a trip, the authorities at your destination can help you get a replacement usually within 24 hours. Since you have a copy with your photo on it and the numbers they need, this makes the replacement process streamlined and just about stress free as it can be.

Finally, your diver certification card.  Again, while most of us are in the computer and dive centers can login and verify your diver certification, there is another way to make it even easier.  You can download the PADI app for free and then order an electronic replacement card and have it sent right to your device.

While these travel tips won’t cure the other stress of travel, we can at least take some of the stress of dive travel off our weight belts.

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