What is your Scuba Dream?

Some might think I am living my or even their scuba dream, after all not to many people get to go visit far away islands and take scuba dreampeople diving and as Colton said to me “get paid to do this”. And as you read this post I am walking along the beach in Cozumel, so maybe I am living the scuba dream (you can follow our adventure here).  I recently read an article about a 75 year old lady that is chasing her scuba dream and that got me to thinking, what is your scuba dream?

My first scuba dream was actually just to get through the open water class.  Honest, I just wanted to survive it and then I wanted my tank to last long enough that I wasn’t the first one back on the boat or at least long enough so I wouldn’t get the evil eye from my dive buddy.  From there my scuba dream morphed into maybe owning a little dive hut on the beach somewhere, wait maybe that is still my scuba dream with a side stop at Joe’s Scuba Shack.

From exploring and discovering new and exotic locals to discovering the underwater world in your own back yard.  Your scuba dream awaits you. Head off to the islands to find your fortune or maybe help develop and teach future generations of divers.  Maybe your scuba dream is like Instructor Jeff’s and that is to see and travel the world and scuba is how he decided to do it. Or maybe your scuba dream is to earn as many “merit badges” or specialties that you can.

Regardless of your scuba dream, whether you dream of owning your own shop or even teaching in the islands or maybe you dreamDigital Camera of finding sunken treasure or maybe you just want to go diving, as the lady in the UK proves you are never too old to chase it.

So tell us what is your scuba dream?  Share yours with us either in the comments below or send me email and I will share your stories in a future post.

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