What is on your scuba bucket list

scuba bucket listLast night I went home and asked Donna what is on her scuba bucket list.  The answers didn’t really surprise me. But a few of the critters did. When you read any scuba magazine and you will discover many different places and critters that are on our scuba bucket list. But let’s take a look at what is on our scuba bucket list Among the destinations on our scuba bucket list are (in no special order) Wakatobi, Palau, Raj Ampat, Yap, Chuuk Lagoon, the Red Sea and Cuba. Our bucket list does have a more South Pacific feel to it than some others, but on the list of places to go to again and again would be Little Cayman, Bonaire and Belize especially Turneffe and Lighthouse Atolls. How about some scuba bucket critters?  Whale sharks and Hammerheads would definitely top our list, so maybe a trip to the Galapagos or Cocos Islands is in order and should be added to the scuba bucket list.  Mandarin fish and leafy sea dragons and definitely on our list as is many different nudibranchs and yes even the great white cage dive. What else is on our scuba bucket list?  Discovering a pirate ship would be cool and there are many historical wrecks that we would love to have the opportunity to dive.  There is the sardine run off of South Africa as well as some entry-level tech dives that we would love the chance to see.  The scuba bucket list even has a few classes that we would like to take and even teach. There are so many different places and critters on our entire scuba bucket list that it is hard to imagine ever completing the list. Some such as Cuba, maybe shouldn’t be on our list, but I have always wanted to go to Cuba to explore. Afterall, Cuba at one time was a playground and is so close to us. So what is on your scuba bucket list? scuba joe

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