Celebrate Earth Day

So, yesterday was Earth Day, a day to celebrate earth and support environmental protections that was first started in 1969 with the actual first Earth Day in 1970. It was mostly an American event and largely acknowledged by the youth and in Universities until 1990 when Earth Day went “global”. For many it is a reminder that we need to protect our resources and Earth Day is largely responsible for many of the recycling projects that many people start in their own homes, but what I noticed yesterday is how many of the post to social media and even in the evening news was only about earth and not water. In other words it was all about the less than 30 percent of the surface of the earth.

earthdayWe celebrate Earth Day as a reminder to take care of our planet every year, but we largely ignore the ocean. After all, the ocean covers over 70% of the planet and gives us so much in the way of food and energy and yes even entertainment. In 2000, research showed that 11% or the planet’s coral reefs were damaged and degraded beyond recovery and in 2004 just about 20% of the reefs were dead. We are slowly losing a major player in maintaining our biological diversity as the coral reefs die off due to pollution and other factors.  One such factor is the new deep water port for the cruise ships just off Palencia in Southern Belize. Yes, we celebrate Earth Day; but we forget about Mother Ocean.

If you haven’t downloaded the free book from Project Aware’s website, I will encourage you to do so. Just 115 pages it is an easy and quick read and yes you can even earn a PADI specialty afterward, but the book is very enlightening about our water covered world.

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