Dive Hacks to keep you diving

dive hackDive Hacks, aka Life Hacks are simple to use and quick fixes for different types of things that on one of our dives just decide to, well not work like it should. Most people know about the “defog” dive hack, that is baby shampoo or even a mild liquid dish soap that you can buy for under $2 at the nearest big box store near you, but did you know it also makes a great little lube to help slide on your wetsuit? Leave those plastic bags at home or better yet take them back to the store and recycle them.

Here are a few more dive hacks to help you out on your next adventure. And Yes, I do keep some of these in my save a dive kit, you just never know when you need some dive hacks.

Does your wetsuit start to get a funky smell about half way into your dive trip?  Well this simple and most used of our dive hacks will cure that smell in about 30 seconds. A cap full of liquid fabric softener or simple green in the wetsuit rinse bucket will wash that order away for you. Just make sure it is wetsuits only that go in the rinse bucket. Or you can even spray some of that “defog” into your suit before the dive.

Lots of people suffer from swimmers ear during the summer months and they spend a lot of money on drops for their ears. Just 1 ounce of that stuff sells for $5 and it is 95% rubbing alcohol.  This is probably the second most popular of our dive hacks, but mix rubbing alcohol with vinegar in a 50/50 solution and now we are drying our ears and cleaning any nasty stuff out of them all for less than a $1.

Dry bags for your trip, dive hack them with freezer Ziploc bags. Do your hands get cold even when wearing nice gloves? Add a pair of wool gloves underneath your dive gloves.  Even though the wool is soaking wet it still retains its insulating factor.

Has your console retractor given up on you? One dive hack to keep your gear streamline is to use those old split rings and a couple heavy duty rubber bands to keep your gauges or flash lights close to you.

As you can tell there are many different dive hacks. Do you have a favorite dive hack or even life hack?  Send them along or post in the comment section.joescubashack

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