Are you a critter hunter?

The critter hunter is often asked after a dive “how did you see that?” and the most common answer is “it moved”. Now while it “moved” is the most common answer there is a bit more to finding these amazing little critters than just movement. So let us look at a few tips from successful critter hunters.

First a good critter hunter goes very slowly over the reef. Often times they are the last in the line of divers following the dive leader and looking under ledges and in side of cracks and even taking a long look at say a sea anemone. The reason for the slow movement along the reef is yes we can pick up subtle movement, but it also allows us to look very closely for the little critters.home critter hunter



The other thing a good critter hunter understands is the habitat of the sea life one is looking for.  Using our friend the anemone for example we can find different life in and around them and we are not just talking about Nemo.  We can find different types of little shrimp and crabs making their home in and under the anemone.

Just last week in Cozumel we saw lots of beautiful anemones and in just about half of them I found this guycritter hunter and in a few others hiding below and deep we found some little furry crabs.  Then there is the “cork screw anemone” that well it looks like a cork screw.  In there you can find different types of shrimp, mostly the Peterson Cleaner Shrimp and sometimes the Red Snapping shrimp with its big red claw that loves to pinch at our little pointers that you can place next to them.

Try these two little tips on your next dive and you will be the one saying, “well, it moved”

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