Instructors Creed or Instructors Manual

instructors creedAs I have written a few times before the instructors creed is an awesome thing and the fun little thing is I get to see it happen almost every weekend? Overcoming fear, turning “I cant” into “I can”. Turning bad into fun and wonderful. But I see and hear so many instructors that are bent into one way to do a skill and that is just not fair or right. There is no where in the instructor manual that tells us how a student must perform the skill other than they must have “mastery” of said skill. I take that to mean the student must be able to do the skill in a manner that they can repeat comfortably and again and again. There is also no place in the instructor creed or manual that states a student must enjoy the skill and we all know that some skills are just not the most fun anyway.

So if I marry the instructors creed with the instructor manual on say mask clearing, what methods do I come up with to teach? Well there are so many ways. First we have our traditional way. That is you have no issues and water maybe up your nose doesn’t bug you and you just simply exhale out your nose and mask is cleared. But if you have the once in awhile thought to breathe in your nose and snort some pool water this little skill will drive you crazy. So, while it isn’t “text book”, but if you have the urge and need to hold your nose while you take your mask off and even flood it, that is ok. You will need to let go of your nose at some point, but if that is what it takes for you to get the timing down so you can clear that mask, ok with me.

The instructors creed guides me to allow you to hold your nose. The instructor manual allows me to let you do this also. So I tell you I don’t care if you need to hold your nose because to put your mask back on you have to let go of your nose. You relax and next thing you know you are removing and clearing your mask, heck you might not even be holding your nose. The instructor  creed and instructor manual allow for what ever the student can do time and time again to be a safe diver.  If I have imparted this to you my student and fellow diver then I am happy and have hopefully lived and seen the instructor creed come to life.

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