Revisting Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

recycleReduce, Reuse and Recycle. That is my New Year Resolution that I wish everyone will adopt. In case you missed this story on our local news. I will share a few of the highlights.

Approximately 70% of what we send to the Mesa County landfill can be sorted to recycle. I know in our home we have 3 bins set up for recycle. Glass and plastics (at least 3 types can be taken at the local drop off), papers and even one for the packaging that is cereal boxes, crackers and the like. I am amazed at how empty our trash can has become with just this little step. And of course all of the cardboard boxes and packing materials that all the fun scuba toys ship in.

Speaking of packaging, did you know that over 1 million cubic feet of packaging is taken to the land fill during the holidays? According to estimates the Mesa County landfill has about 25 years left before it is full and we need to start over in a new place. I know that sounds like a long time to some, but not to our kids and grand kids. Now imagine if we can increase the life expectancy of that landfill by just a small bit? If more people reduced and reused and recycle we just might get that landfill to last say 50 to 60 years? It really would not take much to reach that small goal. Three bins in your garage. Once a week to the city drop off center. I generally go on Mondays.

One last little tidbit, approximately only 20% of the homes in Mesa County take advantage of the curbside pick up. Just imagine if that was say 50% or higher. Did you know that inside the city limits curbside recycle is available and only about $1.50 a week? Not in the city limits? For only $5 a month a few of the private trash companies will pick up your recycle bags or bins. Heck you do not even have to sort it, they will.

Oh and those old electronic toys that Santa is bring you new replacements for this Christmas. Best Buy will take them and recycle them for free. Just drop them off.

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