Bored with Diving? Never, Nope, Nada

bored with divingA student said to me that I must get bored with diving. I just looked at her and giggled. Bored with diving?  Sure I have had some boring dives or parts of dives. But bored with diving?

How can you avoid boredom with diving is pretty easy. Kind of like when you are say at the mall and waiting for a friend. You people watch right, because people watching is amazingly entertaining. Well, I fish watch and look for small critters. Every dive offers the opportunity to discover or learn something new.

For example, on our last adventure to Grand Cayman a big storm had just blown through and the fish life was not as abundant. But we spotted one of the guides poking around a sea fan that had been dislodged and was on the sea floor. She was looking for a very small critter whose identity escapes me, but we did find something else. Juvenile Flamingo Tongues. Now of course I have seen lots of adult Flamingo Tongues, but the babies? That was so cool to find and of course I had to look over every sea fan that I could find on the sea floor. Never did find what she was looking for, but I found lots of the Juvenile Tongues and a crab that was about the size of a good size pea.

Bored with diving? Watching the Yellow head Jaw Fish do its little dance. Juvenile Spotted Drums swimming their charming figure eights. Turtles and Sharks and Eels swimming by and entertaining me. Finally  spotting a little shrimp that we have been trying to find for almost 5 years. Or a crab that took us two years to find.

To quote a song by America, “the ocean is a desert with its life underground and a perfect disguise above.”

Bored with diving? See you under the sea.

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