Sustainability means Recycle, Reduce and Reuse

Sustainability is the corporate buzzword for recyclability and the business world’s way of attempting to reduce waste. But help is needed on a few different levels to make this a realistic goal and help save the limited resources that we have here on Planet Ocean (aka Earth).

Sustainability Sustainability can only go so far on the corporate level. We need more on the local level from consumers. Did you know that Nestle/Purina has a sustainability program  to be 100% zero landfill waste by 2020 ? Along with a 35% reduction in water use and greenhouse gases? We have a cat along with the puppies that you have come to know and love and pet at the dive shop. The litter bag is recyclable. Or that Aqualung ships most of their products in packaging that can be recycled? We can help the sustainability of our planet by supporting companies that are working towards those same goals. Even PADI uses “styrofoam” peanuts that are made from corn starch and can be melted to nothing with very warm water. The more we as consumers can support the companies that are supporting our planet the more companies will work towards the same goals that we as divers have.

The second thing that we as consumers can work for better sustainability is ourselves. This one is easy. Be aware of sustainabilitywhat we buy. Recycle, reduce and reuse. Right now “blister” packaging is not accepted in Grand Junctions recycling center. (thanks China) So don’t purchase products in “blister” packaging. Thursday is trash day in our area and this morning as I was heading out, I saw a few recycle bins and bags out. But what I saw more of was all the cardboard boxes sitting in the trash cans to head to the landfill.  Last night on KREX TV News there was a story about a study going on at our landfill. In the story there is mention of how MESA County throws away more plastic bottles that anywhere in the state.  Plastic bottles that you can reuse over and over and yes over again.

The third way we as local consumers can help in our planets sustainability is to push the local city, county and recycling companies to accept more products. I won’t belabor the point above about China not accepting certain packaging, but our local companies need to do a better job of searching out other markets for these materials. And we as the consumer should put the pressure on them to do so.

I have taken the 100% Sustainability pledge. Will you join me?

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