How is your scuba fitness?

Scuba Fitness? What exactly does that mean? Well, think about it this way. Seams like these days everyone has a personal trainer. And one of the first things that trainer ask you is what are your “goals”. Then they attempt to design a workout plan to achieve those goals. Well, we can do the same thing with our scuba fitness goals. Afterall the better our fitness the better our diving.

scuba fitness

So how do we design our scuba fitness plan? I think we should break down diving into the core “movements” and muscle groups that we use. Starting with cardio. It is no secret that the better our cardio the better, well everything is better. Our air will last longer. The currents aren’t as tiring. The long walk to the entry point with our gear on is easier. So hit that elliptical trainer and improve your cardio. Why the elliptical? Well you can set the resistance and incline to also work the largest muscle group that we use in diving. The legs are our pistons. The are the driving force within our scuba fitness. They carry us and our gear to the boat or entry point. They propel us under the water and allow us to visit the beautiful landscape that we all love.

What other muscle groups might be better off with a little focus on scuba fitness? Well the arms and shoulders are easy targets to guess. And I will make a small wager that you are probably already targeting those muscle groups in your every day workout routine. But there is one major area that most don’t pay much attention to in any work out. Your lower back and core muscles need some love in your scuba fitness routine.

Think about the stress and strain on your lower back and core. Just climbing up the boat ladder. Walking with all that gear on. Just about everything we do while diving. Now I am not saying that your trainer or your workout programs are wrong or not effective. But just maybe we could add an exercise or two.

 So how is your scuba fitness?

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