My New Life after the building

So maybe you heard, that I have a new life. After the sale of the building that I lived in for almost 9 years, it does feel like a new life. Or maybe it is I am just not working 7 days a week. The old building is about to start its new life as a craft brewery. I always thought that a pot shop would have been the ultimate usage. But, the City of Grand Junction thinks otherwise.

new life

Yes, a new life. Teaching classes and taking people diving. Doesn’t sound like a bad plan. I remember standing in the Grand Junction airport one Friday morning about 7 years ago. A young man that was going on our trip with us to St. Lucia came up to me. I will never forget his question. He said to me, “Let me get this right. You get paid to take me on vacation and take me scuba diving?” I replied, “yep, sucks to be me”.

new life

Taking people diving. That is really the whole idea, right? Showing you the underwater world. Teaching you how to be a “critter hunter”.  Showing you how to identify certain habitats to find new and amazing creatures. Exploring, discovering different cultures right next to you.

Watching firewalkers and touring the local school in Fiji. Zip lining in St. Kitts. Watching fireworks in St. Marteen (the Dutch side) on their “Independence Day”. Meeting new people and making lifelong friends on dive boats. Exploring the undersea world.

Teaching you how to be a better diver. How to appreciate and care for Mother Ocean. How to shape your underwater images and yes even to enjoy using “geezer gas”.  Running search patterns and looking for pirate treasure. So many wonderful experiences.

We are still teaching and taking you diving. And looking forward to even more amazing adventures.

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