A Bucket List, from my point of view

When you think of a bucket list, you generally gravitate towards places that make one feel awe or some emotional tug. I guess in a sense this little exercise in creating my personal bucket list is much along that line. Some have things like the glaciers in Alaska or the Northern Lights, mine is a little different. No, running with the bulls in not on this list, but cage diving with Great Whites would be there. While a safari in Africa might top the list for some, for me it is down the list quite a bit.

bucket list nemo

Quite a few years back, I wrote another scuba bucket list post. Not sure it has changed much over the last 6 years. But, then again, I have had the opportunity to dive with a whale shark since then. That is the beautiful thing about your own personal bucket list.  It is an ever evolving and changing list. Now while Rome and Greece might be higher on my list than yours, since I had a thing for mythology growing up. I will try and keep this scuba related.

On my bucket list are places such as; Lembeh Strait and the Philippines (might want to watch for the 2021 trips) along with Raja Ampat and the Maldives. All for their little creatures and the bigger animals such as Giant Manta Rays. Places like Guadalupe and Socorro, well refer to the Great White comment, but the other big animals such as Whale Sharks and Mantas are on the list. Chuk Lagoon, if there is a World War 2 expert along for the trip to educate me on all the history. Cuba will forever be on my bucket list as it is a place that I have wanted to visit since I was a wee lad.

bucket list nudi

While all these places on my bucket list offer amazing underwater experiences. They also offer much culturally topside to experience. After all, you can only absorb so much nitrogen, before you need a surface interval.

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