We take pride in carrying only high quality equipment that we have tested and can honestly recommend to you!


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We believe that owning dive equipment is an important and significant decision on your part, and represents a long-term investment in your diving adventures and safety. As a result, we have the following commitments to you:

  1. When you choose to purchase from us, we will assemble and test everything to make sure it is correct to factory specification.
  2.  You will get training in the use and care of your equipment.
  3.  Our selection of   equipment is limited to only the few companies that truly stand behind  and support well designed, robust products that will give you long-term satisfaction.
  4. We will stand behind you to service and help care for your equipment through your years of ownership.

We do this so that when you reach the dive destination of your dreams, you can have the peace of mind to enjoyyour diving adventures from the first moment you hit the water to the final day of your vacation.

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