The History of the BCD

bcdThe BCD (Buoyancy Compensator Device) had some very humble beginnings. In fact when recreational scuba was getting started there was no such piece of equipment and the only adjustment for buoyancy was a weight belt to offset the natural buoyancy of the body.
In 1959 the first BCD was starting to show up at dive sites. The horse collar style was the best and most used as it kept the head out of the water and the diver didn’t need to use their hands to hold on to it. There were many experiments on how to inflate this new BCD, oral inflation was the most common and even an auto inflation system was developed. Then someone figured out that they could attach a hose to the tank/regulator and take some air from the diver’s tank to easily and safely adjust the BCD.
In 1971, Scuba Pro introduced and patented the “stabilizer”, which was a BCD with a large air cell that went over the shoulder and around the diver and even the tank. A huge advancement in the BCD, which was copied and modified due to the patent, with the biggest modification being to separate the air cells.
1972 saw the introduction of the AT Pac Wing which was developed by Watergill and is generally considered the first wing style BCD.
bcdThe I3 has been a standard in the Aqualung line since 2007, but the I3, which is the lever inflation system used by SeaQuest/Aqualung was first introduced in 1973.
In 1979 the first jacket style BCD was introduced and in 1985 SeaQuest/Aqualung introduced the ADV (advanced design vest)BCD which was an open front with the adjustable shoulder straps. They didn’t patent the design and it is this design that today’s BCD is still using.
• 1959 “horse collar style”
• 1971 Scuba Pro “stabilizer”
• 1972 AT Pac Wing
aqualung-axiom-bcd-6407-p• 1973 first version of the I3
• 1978 there were 19 models of “horse collar”
• 1979 SeaQuest introduced the jacket style BCD the “Sea Otter” and “Sea Jacket”
• 1980 Octo pockets
• 1985 The ADV jacket introduced and this is still the main style of BCD today
• 1988 the first BCD for Ladies was introduced
• 1990 the first light weight warm water BCD
• 1996 the beginning of weight integrated bcd
As you can see our humble little BCD has grown and definitely been upgraded over the years

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