Are you living the Dive Life?

dive lifeDive Life, what is it? Close your eyes and imagine your dive life. Are you on an island? Maybe just near the coast. For most I would guess that when you close your eyes you pictured a tropical paradise and you are either leading divers or maybe just hanging around the dive shops. But for us in landlocked locations the dive life means and is something different.
The dive life for me is teaching and one of the best parts about it is that look on the students faces when they first breathe underwater. I am sure you have seen some of their pictures on our face book page and the big smiles that they have. But the dive life is more and to borrow a line from the old Miller High Life commercial; it is “good things for good people”.
Living the dive life is just being active in scuba diving. Taking a class or just getting in the pool and keeping your skills up. Maybe it is attending some social functions wearing your favorite dive shirt and engaging people in stories about your diving adventures and reliving those adventures.
dive lifeThe dive life doesn’t always have to be about scuba diving. It can be anything related to protecting our world and the environment. Recycle or organize a pick up trash day at a local lake or park. After the heavy rains that we have had the last few weeks and the flooding that came with it, I noticed just how many of our drains on the streets of Grand Junction are marked that they empty to the river and just about all of them were covered and blocked by trash. Plastic bags from the stores in every drain that go right to the river and eventually that trash winds up in our oceans. Sometimes living the dive life can just be taking care of the planet that we call home.
Living the dive life is and can be so many different things.
For a few more ideas give me a call and ask about our Project Aware Classes.