Top 5 or 6 dive tips for new divers

dive tipsOne of the most often asked questions from our new divers is do we have any dive tips for them as they head off on their first tropical dive vacation. Of course we always have dive tips for the new diver and we also have dive tips for the experienced diver. Let’s look at our top 5 dive tips for new divers.

  1. Let the dive master that you will be diving with know that you are a new diver. This may sound like an obvious thing, but by letting the dive master know they will watch out for you a little more and show you the cool critters that you might otherwise miss.  The dive master may even offer some other tips on weighting and buoyancy after watching you for a dive or two.
  2. Always do your pre-dive buddy/safety check. Especially since you are probably renting gear for the first few trips.  The gear may be a different configuration that what you were trained in. And talk to your buddy about your experience and his.
  3. Stay in your comfort and training levels. If the dive plan calls for you to go through a tunnel at 90 feet and you are not ready for that, tell your buddy and dive master. Most of the time you can just go over the tunnel and follow the bubbles to the other side.
  4. Ascend slowly and always to your safety stop. Check your and your buddy’s air usage every 5 minutes or more. Stay within a few fin kicks of your buddy.
  5. Have a save a dive kit. Most dive boats will have extra o-rings and things like that, but you should have a back up mask strap and fin strap. You would hate to miss out on your first ocean dives due to a broken mask strap or fin strap.
  6. Log your dive. Note your weighting and what fun creatures you saw. Your log book will become a great and treasured resource for you in the future.

scuba joeThese dive tips are true for all divers and in time will become part of your diving routine, but by following this dive tips you will develop good scuba habits and they will be with you for your entire diving career.

Have a dive tip for new divers? Feel free to add them in the comments