Fish Surveys, Divers as researchers

fish surveysDid you know that you can do fish surveys on any dive? If you are a member of REEF  you can.  A few weeks ago on our trip to Costa Rica, a lady was doing fish surveys. I knew about them, but thought they would be rather complex. But turns out I was wrong in that thinking.

Reef is free to join but like most organizations they survive on donations. But by joining for free you can become part of the “world’s largest citizen science program”. Which in and of itself is cool, but you can then participate in fish surveys.

It is the volunteer Fish Study program. Diver scientist are grouped into 5 different levels and you can level up by doing fish surveys and participating in on line quizzes. Sounds like a cool on line game. You can even level up by completing the Aware Fish Id Speciality. These fish surveys are done by what they call the “roving diver technique”. As you enjoy your dive and see all the wonderful fish, you make little notes on your underwater slate. Angelfish, Butterfly fish, what sizes and how many. All types of fish. And if you are unsure of what type of fish you saw, use the fish id books and slates that are at just about every dive place we go. Or just use the on line resources to help you identify fish.

Simple, right? Then just go on line and complete the on line forms and submit. It is that easy. There are even on line tutorials to help you and they are only a few minutes long.

fish surveysOn our last adventure to Little Cayman, the staff there was talking about some of the groupers and turtles that had been tagged. Turns out that this is all part of REEF. The Grouper Moon project started in Little Cayman on 2002 and of course there is a Sea Turtle program as well.

Every dive can be a survey if you wish or maybe just a few per trip. It is easy and fun. So who is ready to join me in doing some fish surveys?