Tips to help Navigate the airport to Paradise

Sometimes the worst part of your dive trip to paradise is just trying to navigate the airport and the customs hall. Well relax fellow divers as we have a few tips for you to ease your stress level.

First tip in how to navigate the airport is to arrive early. Do not cut it close. Allow for enough time to clear security and if you wind up standing in line a little bit you will be stress free by giving yourself that extra bit of time. Also, know what you can take as and in your carry on. These rules have been in place for long enough that even if you are a newer traveler you should know what is allowed. By following the rules you will save yourself time and stress.

navigateTip 2 in how to navigate the airport is sign up for TSA Pre Check. While it doesn’t do much here in Grand Junction, it has saves us lots of time in Dallas and Miami. At the airport in Dallas in the B gates there is a security check point that is just for pre check and believe it or not on most Saturday and Sunday mornings there is no one there. Most larger airports have special lines just for pre check and will save you lots of time and stress. Big plus is leaving your shoes and light jacket on as you go through security.


navigateTip 3 in how to navigate the airport is free.  Down load the Mobil Passport app. We have used this app now a few times and wow the time saved with this ap. While the lines in the custom hall can require an hour or so to get through, with this app we have cleared in less than 10 minutes in Dallas and Miami. Unfortunately this app is not available in paradise but it does make coming home less painful.

So dear divers and travelers a little planning will save you some stress while you navigate the airport to paradise.