Yes, there is an app for that

saba queen angelWhile teaching dive planning at Colorado Mesa University the other week, one of the students asked if there was an app for dive tables.  Well, there is an app for everything, so we looked and sure enough there are 7 for IPAD and 24 for IPhone and a few for Android.

While the free ones are not awesome by any stretch of the imagination and the ones that work well such as Dive Plan Lite, which does appear to mirror the PADI Dive tables, will only do one dive then you need to upgrade for $6 to plan more. 

There are even dive log apps.  There are 13 for IPad and 42 for IPhone.  One of our dive buddies Christine has one on her IPAD and it works really well. I want to say she paid like $30 and she has been using it for a few years. She likes to take a picture of the dive briefing map and then add in the dive site coordinates, longitude and latitude.  After the dive she can load some of Martin’s photos from the dive and finishing logging her dive.

Looking for a dive site on the islands or even maybe in San Diego or Bonaire?  There a few apps that have the coordinates, tide info and more. Some locations like Bonaire and the Maldives even have their own dedicated app. There are even boating ones that have some really nice maps and a ship wreck locator.  Wonder if the treasure hunters developed that one?

There are apps for dive signals, fish id apps (of course the Fish ID books are more complete).  There is even an app to turn your I Phone into your dive computer and dive light and even your dive camera, and yes the app is free; but the housing for your phone is over $300.

Just doing a little search for scuba diving at the app store returned over 100 apps for the IPad and over 200 for the Iphone.  Magazines, Certification Agencies, Manufacturesregal angel FIJI

Yes, my friend there really is an app for that!