A Scuba Burger Review

Scuba Burger? What are you talking about? Well, you see last month or so there was this survey that ranked 5 Guys ahead of In-N-Out and since there is both on the way to the Crater we decided that it was about time for a Scuba Burger Review.

scuba burgerBoth chains have a very loyal and sometimes outspoken following and both offer a very scuba burger 2limited menu. And yes both have “secret menus”. A point in favor of 5 Guys is that their menu offering is a little larger than that on In-N-Out, offing hot dogs and a few sandwiches. Both offer fresh never frozen burgers and fries. They even have the same basic color schemes in their restaurants. And the time it took to get our meal was about the same. And the line was much shorter at 5 Guys. So what is the difference in these two icons of scuba burgers?

Well 5 Guys gives you an amazing choice of toppings. I dare to say too many, but I guess that is why some people love them. So to make the test fair I went with the same toppings I would find at In N Out. The burger is huge, a good 30% more meat than In-N-Out (to be fair it is also about 2 times the price). It was tasty, fresh and very good. Now the fries, I found them just ok. I guess cholesterol free peanut oil isn’t for me when it comes to my fries.

In N Out just as good, just as fresh and as comfortable as my favorite shirt. A small disclaimer, I grew up in So Cal and In-N-Out was one of our hang outs on Friday nights.

So which is the favorite Scuba Burger?  They are both wonderful and fresh. 5 Guys will cost you more but you will get a little more and you will have a larger choice of toppings. But for this guy growing up with In-N-Out carries my vote and I like the fries better. Now if you want fries you must go to WhatABurger on the island of Bonaire

After all we can’t dive all the time