Busting a few Scuba Myths

padi idcScuba Myths, we hear a lot of them every day when people come in or call about scuba class so let us take a look at 5 of the most common scuba myths.
1) You need to be an awesome swimmer. Nah, you do need to be able to swim 200 yards in any stroke and it is a non timed swim (300 yards with mask snorkel and fins is an option) and you need to be able to float or tread water for 10 minutes. Basically you should have a comfort in the water since that is where you will be scuba diving
2) Cost of gear and classes is huge. I guess that depends on your definition of huge. How much does that ski pass cost every year? Sure the upfront cost of a good set of mask, snorkel and fins and basic certification can run close to $800, but you will be certified for life and the gear will last you 10 years or more. Compared to skiing, scuba is rather inexpensive.
scuba myths

3) So many scuba myths revolve around aggressive animals and sound like this “Sharks will eat me”. Truth is more people are attacked by dogs that sharks or other aggressive animals. Shark sightings are rare and generally sharks avoid humans as we are close to their size and we are just another apex predator to them
4) To hard to learn and too much time. Another one of the scuba myths that we love. Did you know that it takes a little time at home reading the book and watching the video at your own pace. The actual time in the shop, pool and open water dives is just 2 weekends.
5) My favorite of all scuba myths is “I am too old or out of shape”. Too old? Out of Shape? The goal in scuba is to go slow and see all the little creatures. We don’t have to be an Olympic athlete. We just need to be healthy.
joescubashackScuba myths come in all shapes and sizes. What are your favorite scuba myths?